Job Title. Instantly Better
Client. Jemena
Agency. BWM Dentsu
Group Chief Creative Officer. Rob Belgiovane
Executive Creative Director. Asheen Naidu
Senior Copywriter. Jol Temple
Senior Art Director. Kevin Reece
Chief Strategy Officer. Jamie Mackay
Executive Planning Director. Karl Bates
Managing Director. Alex Carr
Group Account Director. Gemma ap Geraint
Account Manager. Zac Messih
Onscreen Producer. Emma Durlacher
Print Producer. Simon Holdaway
CGI. Blockhead
Photographer. Andreas Bommert
Producer. Grant Navin – Freeway Reps
Retoucher. Sterne Creative


These epic images were created for Jemena’s ‘Instantly Better’ Natural Gas campaign. Scorchy the Dragon features as a playful demonstration of why it’s better to switch from Dragon’s fire to Natural Gas.

The base images were shot without flame, smoke or embers. Photographer Andreas Bommert took care to simulate flame illumination in a realistic way. Multiple plates and talent selects were combined and fire, smoke, haze, embers and scorch marks were added. Lighting was enhanced and a rich colour grade added to complete the look.

Dragons were rendered and supplied by Blockhead VFX.